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Some Fruits Of Solitude

Some Fruits Of Solitude

Born in 1644, William Penn’s wisdom reflects a simpler time in history when the focus was on moral principles for living. These proverbs and teachings are the product of Penn’s life, faith, and Quaker roots. An exquisite reproduction of a 1901 vintage edition, his short quotes and simple truths still resonate today. Covering 165 subjects […]

How To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

How To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

“Don’t Let The Stress and Worry Ruin Your Christmas, Help Is At Hand To Help You Relax and Have Fun Over The Holidays!” Do you find yourself running around at the last minute buying gifts that you forgot? Are you credit cards crying out please, no more? Those were my Christmas Pasts I feel you […]

A Christmas Mystery

A Christmas Mystery

A Christmas Mystery – An Inspiring Story of Three Wise Men in Modern Setting “I cannot tell how the truth may be: I say the tale as ‘twas said to me.” “I heard it. I felt it. It was like the beating of wings.” Frontispiece “I told you the place was uncanny.” Instinctively they all […]

Woman Church And State

Woman Church And State

This classic history of woman’s oppression is one of the first attempts to document the sad legacy of injustice and discrimination against women, which is unfortunately inseparable from the history of both Christianity and the evolution of the Western state. Beginning in the pre-Christian era, where she finds more evidence of freedom for women than […]

Mother Stories From The New Testament

These Bible stories are perfect for use in Sunday Schools, Bible study groups, personal Bible study (any age), and of course for reading to children at bedtime (or any other time). This book includes the best stories from the Old Testament that mothers can tell their children. The book is richly illustrated with forty-five great […]

The Holy Bible

The King James Version of the Bible contains the text of the Holy Bible in the traditional language. This translation, despite being five-hundred years old, is widely praised for its accurate rendering of the Hebrew and Greek texts. King James Version of the Bible with interactive table of contents, perfect for bible studies, church, reference, […]

Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Easton’s Bible Dictionary (formerly known as the Illustrated Bible Dictionary) is a classic source for Bible scholars. It was published in 1897, three years after the author’s death. Easton was a Scottish Presbyterian minister who is known primarily for his masterful reference work. Easton’s contains both short, dictionary-like entries on words, people, and places, as […]

Leaves Of Life For Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspirational Readings: Taken from the book for January 19th; Hans Sachs died 1576 William Cosgrove died 1720 James Watt born 1736 Robert E. Lee born 1807 Edgar Allan Poe born 1809 I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore And I hold within my hand Grains of the goldend sand- How few! Yet […]

How to Live a Holy Life

This volume is written for all those who desire to please God with a well -spent life. It is sent forth in Jesus’ name, with a prayer–that God bless and help both the reader and the writer to live life at its very best and fulfill the purpose of God concerning them.

Men, Women, and God

Rev. Arthur Herbert Gray (1868-1956) was the author of: As Tommy Sees Us (1917), Men, Women and God (1922) and With Christ as Guide (1927). “This book has been written at the request of the Student Christian Movement, and is addressed in the first place to men and women of the student age. I have […]


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