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Woodwork Joints

To be successful in woodwork construction the possession of two secrets is essential-to know the right joint to use, and to know how to make that joint in the right way. The woodwork structure or the piece of cabinet-work that endures is the one on which skilful hands have combined to carry out what the […]

Uncanny Tales

A collection of ghostly tales, from 1916. Contents: I. The Unknown Quantity Ii. The Armless Man Iii. The Tomtom Clue Iv. The Case Of Sir Alister Moeran V. The Kiss Vi. The Goth Vii. The Last Ascent Viii. The Terror By Night Ix. The Tragedy At The ‘loup Noir’.

Pretty Tales for the Nursery

Here is a nice new book! It is mine. Papa has just given it to me, for this is my birth-day, and I am five years old. Oh, how pretty it is! Here are boys and girls at play, like Willie and me; and here is nurse, with baby on her knee.

The Old Castle and Other Stories

How pleasant the parlour looked on the evening of ‘Flaxy’s’ birthday. To be sure it was November, and the wind was setting the poor dying leaves in a miserable shiver with some dreadful story of an iceberg he had just been visiting. But what cared Dicky and Prue, or Dudley and Flaxy, or all the […]

The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald

Harald Fairhair was king of Norway when this tale begins. There was a chief in the kingdom in those days and his name was Cormac; one of the Vik-folk by kindred, a great man of high birth. He was the mightiest of champions, and had been with King Harald in many battles. He had a […]

History of Steam on the Erie Canal

During the maple sugar season of the spring of 1858, a well-to-do farmer, of western New York, whittled out a spiral or augur-like screw-propeller, in miniature, which he thought admirably adapted to the canal. He soon after went to Buffalo, and contracted for a boat to be built, with two of his Archimedean screws for […]

Grettir the Strong, Icelandic Saga

There was a man named Onund, the son of Ofeig Clumsyfoot, who was the son of Ivar Horsetail. Onund was the brother of Gudbjorg, the mother of Gudbrand Knob, the father of Asta, the mother of King Olaf the Saint. His mother came from the Upplands, while his father’s relations were mostly in Rogaland and […]

The Flower Basket: A Fairy Tale

WHOEVER honours the following little Tale with a perusal, will probably anticipate in the Preface, the so-often-framed apology, that it was not written with an intention of being published. Yet stale as the assurance may be, it is in this instance strictly true. It was composed solely at the request, and for the amusement of, […]

The Circus Procession, and Goody Two-shoes

Goody Two-Shoes is a children’s story. The story is the origin of the popular phrase ‘goody two-shoes’ often used to describe an overly virtuous person. Goody Two-Shoes is a variation of the Cinderella story. The story was attributed to the Irish author Oliver Goldsmith, though this is disputed. Because Goldsmith frequently wrote for pay, and […]

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