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Some Fruits Of Solitude

Some Fruits Of Solitude

Born in 1644, William Penn’s wisdom reflects a simpler time in history when the focus was on moral principles for living. These proverbs and teachings are the product of Penn’s life, faith, and Quaker roots. An exquisite reproduction of a 1901 vintage edition, his short quotes and simple truths still resonate today. Covering 165 subjects […]

How To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

How To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas

“Don’t Let The Stress and Worry Ruin Your Christmas, Help Is At Hand To Help You Relax and Have Fun Over The Holidays!” Do you find yourself running around at the last minute buying gifts that you forgot? Are you credit cards crying out please, no more? Those were my Christmas Pasts I feel you […]

Mystic Christianity

Mystic Christianity is a book written by Yogi Ramacharaka (a pseudonym of popular new thought author William Walker Atkinson). This work is an alternative way of looking at the history of Christianity as it is known today, and is valued by many scholars for its uniqueness and ability to provoke thought in its readers at […]

The Teaching Of Jesus

A recent writer has pointed out that sin, like death, is not seriously realized except as a personal fact. We really know it only when we know it about ourselves. The word “sin” has no serious meaning to a man, except when it means that he himself is a sinful man. And hence it comes […]

A Treatise on Good Works

Luthers transformational idea of justification by faith alone was often misunderstood and misrepresented in the early years of the Reformation. In 1520, with his Wittenberg congregation in mind, Luther set out to clarify the biblical foundation of good works. In doing so he recast the very definitions of sacred and secular both for his own […]

Thoughts on a Revelation

Thoughts on a Revelation (1862) was written by Reverend Samuel John Jerram (1815-1887), vicar of Chobham, Surrey and of Witney, Oxfordshire. ‘Few persons can have observed attentively the various phases of public opinion on religious subjects during the last twenty years or more, without noticing a growing tendency to the accumulation of difficulties on the […]

Thoughts on Religion

George John Romanes FRS (1848-1894), who also wrote as Physicus, was a Canadian-born English evolutionary biologist and physiologist who laid the foundation of what he called comparative psychology, postulating a similarity of cognitive processes and mechanisms between humans and animals. Romanes was the youngest of Charles Darwin’s academic friends, and his views on evolution are […]

Thirty Years in the Itinerancy

Reverend Wesson Gage Miller (1822-1893/4) was a Methodist clergyman born in Otsego County, N.Y.. In 1844 he moved to Wisconsin where he was appointed Methodist missionary at the Brothertown Indian Mission, and in 1845 was assigned to the Green Lake Mission. In 1850 he became pastor of the Spring Street Church in Milwaukee. He was […]


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