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Mother Stories From The New Testament

These Bible stories are perfect for use in Sunday Schools, Bible study groups, personal Bible study (any age), and of course for reading to children at bedtime (or any other time). This book includes the best stories from the Old Testament that mothers can tell their children. The book is richly illustrated with forty-five great […]

The Holy Bible

The King James Version of the Bible contains the text of the Holy Bible in the traditional language. This translation, despite being five-hundred years old, is widely praised for its accurate rendering of the Hebrew and Greek texts. King James Version of the Bible with interactive table of contents, perfect for bible studies, church, reference, […]

Men, Women, and God

Rev. Arthur Herbert Gray (1868-1956) was the author of: As Tommy Sees Us (1917), Men, Women and God (1922) and With Christ as Guide (1927). “This book has been written at the request of the Student Christian Movement, and is addressed in the first place to men and women of the student age. I have […]

Little Folded Hands: Prayers for Children

Charmingly nostalgic and yet perfectly appropriate for today’s youth, this classic collection of prayers for children includes a variety of simple appeals and devotions: morning prayers * evening prayers * prayers for before and after meals * prayers for healing and health * birthday prayers prayers for school and church * Christmas prayers * and […]

Quiet Talks On Prayer

This early twentieth-century guide by S. D. Gordon, abridged and updated for today’s reader, explains the meaning and mission of prayer, hindrances to prayer, the “how to’s” of praying, and Jesus’ habits of prayer. Identifying prayer as the world’s greatest “outlet of power,” Gordon encourages a vibrant, two-way communication with the God who longs for […]

Short Stories Old and New

Alphonso Smith (28 May 1864 – 13 June 1924) was an American Professor of English, college dean, philologist, and folklorist. Professor Smith’s collected and edited short stories in this title is a must read for anyone interested in literature. His chosen stories in this volume are: 1.Esther – from Old Testament 2. Ali Baba and […]

The Nature of Goodness

As a pioneering educator and American philosopher, GEORGE HERBERT PALMER (1842-1933), was educated at Harvard (1864) and Andover Theological Seminary (1870). He became a Greek tutor at Harvard in 1870 and eventually earning the status of professor emeritus and overseer from 1913-1919. Notably, Palmer was the first Harvard lecturer to discard the textbook model of […]

The Teaching Of Jesus

A recent writer has pointed out that sin, like death, is not seriously realized except as a personal fact. We really know it only when we know it about ourselves. The word “sin” has no serious meaning to a man, except when it means that he himself is a sinful man. And hence it comes […]


Chesterton’s Orthodoxy is not an explanation “of whether the Christian Faith can be believed, but of how he personally has come to believe it.” He begins with a description of how he sets out to find a new anchor for his thought in an age of uncertainty and discovers at every step along the way […]

Joy and Power

In the Western cultural context, it is often assumed that success and fulfillment are synonymous with the amount of power and influence that one accumulates over the course of a lifetime. In this spiritual tract, theologian Henry Van Dyke contends that the opposite is actually often closer to the truth; in other words, many people […]

How to Become Like Christ

Marcus Dods (1834-1909) was a Scottish divine and biblical scholar. He was a minister of the Free Church of Scotland (1843-1900). He studied at Edinburgh Academy and Edinburgh University, graduating in 1854. Having studied theology for five years he was licensed in 1858, and in 1864 became minister of Renfield Free Church, Glasgow, where he […]


For Chesterton, Truth matters. In this, he is well aware of the use of the Greek term behind the English “heretic” to describe one who makes a choice or takes a position; and he joins the ranks of heretics who embrace their heresies as orthodoxies, as positions that are true. He contends, “we dismiss the […]

Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell

Emanuel Swedenborg, born Emanuel Swedberg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, Christian mystic and theologian. Emanuel studied physics, mechanics, and philosophy, read and wrote poetry. He had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. In 1715 he devoted himself to natural science and engineering projects for the next two decades. From 1716 to 1718 […]

The Good News of God

Work by Charles Kingsley, a prolific English novelist and author whose main power lay in his descriptive faculties. Kingsley wrote poetry and political articles, as well as several volumes of sermons. Work by Charles Kingsley, a prolific English novelist and author whose main power lay in his descriptive faculties. Kingsley wrote poetry and political articles, […]

David: Five Sermons

David: Five Sermons is a compilation of five messages given by Charles Kingsley (12 June 1819 – 23 January 1875)a priest in the Church of England and author of Westward HO! and Water Babies a Fairy Tale for a Land Baby. Work by Charles Kingsley, a prolific English novelist and author whose main power lay […]

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