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The Law of Success

This is the master volume of the extraordinary work that began the career of Napoleon Hill. Here is the Holy Grail of success philosophy: Napoleon Hill’s complete and original formula to achievement presented in fifteen remarkable principles—now newly designed in a handsome single-volume edition. The Law of Success was a precursor to Napoleon Hill’s Think […]

Thoughts are Things

This book is a series of essays on thoughts and how they affect our two minds: the mind of the body and the mind of the spirit. The mind of the body is limited and fights change.It thinks things must always be the way they’ve always been. The mind of the spirit trusts in the […]

Eight Pillars of Prosperity

In Eight Pillars of Prosperity, he reveals the exact qualities upon which we must meditate in order to achieve lasting success. These Eight Pillars (energy, efficiency, integrity, organization, sympathy, sincerity, impartiality, and self-reliance) are the principles necessary for achieving success and each will clearly show that they have and will stand the test of time. […]

How to Attract Success

This book is a short, but in depth explantation on the laws of success which the author states is really the law of harmonious attraction. Under this law, things come to us because they want to come and not because we make them come; they remain with us because they want to do so. This […]

The Secret of The Ages

In the Secret of the Ages, Robert Collier shares with us the secrets of success. This book gives you the tools to have a happier and more successful life. Collier will show you how the way you think and the decisions you make have a direct influence on how successful and happy you are. Collier […]

The Magic Story

The book is in two parts. The “First Part” reveals how The Magic Story was found by a starving artist named Sturtevant. Everyone he told the story to prospered by it. It seemed to change people’s lives for the better … like magic. The “Second Part” is the actual Magic Story as found by Sturtevant.



First published in 1912, Success was written by William Maxwell “Max” Aitken, first Baron Beaverbrook, PC who was a Canadian – British business tycoon and politician. His visits to the Western Front during World War I, during which he held the honorary rank of colonel in the Canadian Army, resulted in his 1916 book Canada […]

As a Man Thinketh

“As a Man Thinketh” is a literary essay by James Allen, published in 1902. The title is influenced by a verse in the Bible from the Book of Proverbs.” The full passage, taken from the King James Version, is as follows: Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire […]

Mastery Of Self

Mastery Of Self

This book brings to a close that portion of MASTERY OF SELF, which deals with the art of Success-Magnetism. Acquiring magnetism is a constructive effort. It is a building process. You are rearing a structure. You rise, from the foundation, through successive stories to the culminating peak. The most pleasing, notable structures men build from […]

Trine Characterbuilding Thought Power

Trine Characterbuilding Thought Power

Before “New Age” there was “New Thought,” a philosophy that sought God through metaphysics and was wildly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. American mystic and bestselling author RALPH WALDO TRINE (1866-1958) was one of the most significant writers on New Thought principles, and this 1899 volume reproduces in one compact package […]

The Path Of Prosperity

The Path Of Prosperity

A powerful self-help book from one of the early giants in the field, showing that positive change can occur by changing the way you think. This book will guide you in creating new attitudes and new reactions toward all challenges in life. Many of these hurdles will be overcome that would otherwise not be met […]

Thought Vibration

In this work, Atkinson explores the law of attraction in the thought world. He shows the similarities between the law of gravitation and the mental law of attraction. He explains that thought vibrations are as real as those manifesting as light, heat, magnetism and electricity. The difference is in the vibratory rate which also explains […]

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