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Procrastination is putting something off until later, either due to carelessness or habitual laziness. Everyone does it, including you. We seek out what makes us feel good and attempt to avoid the things that annoy or bother us. Consciously determining why you procrastinate will go a long way in helping you change your behavior. What […]



Productivity – Discover Strategies For Getting Things Done! All it takes is a little knowledge and preparation – The good news is that you do not have to go with the flow – you can choose between poor results and results which you can truly be satisfied with – and you, yourself, can make it […]

Event Planning

Event Planning

Effective Ideas to Make Your Event a Successful One – Event Planning Ever Wanted To Plan Your Events Yourself But Didn’t Knew How? When you are facing an important event do you feel weak in the knees at the thought of planning it? Are you afraid there will be problems? Do you wonder how you’ll […]

The Speed Reading Monster Course

Speed Reading can benefit anyone. Not only will you be able to learn faster, but you can also impress your friends! Besides being beneficial and useful, learning such skill is simple and takes only a few techniques to apply. Speed reading is not only useful in reading for pleasure but is more necessary when used […]

Organization 101

Do you feel like your life is spinning out of control? Do you sometimes think that you are no better than a hamster on a wheel, just running around in circles all of the time? This is most likely due to the fact that you are unorganized. And when you are disorganized, you are likely […]

The Rules Of Speed Reading

The Rules of Speed Reading How you can learn to speed-read Speed-reading is telling you that you can do it. When you start speed-reading, you will need to set in your mind that you intend to speed read to get started. Once you have in mind what you want to do, you will move to […]

Business Hints for Men and Women

Alfred Rochefort Calhoun (1844-1912), who also wrote as Alfred Rochefort, was an American author, journalist and artist. He was the author of: How to Get on in the World: A Ladder to Practical Success (1895), Healthful Sports for Boys (1910) and Business Hints for Men and Women (1910).

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